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SECONDS 44- Emma High Heels HCD35(FITS LIKE 34)

SECONDS 44- Emma High Heels HCD35(FITS LIKE 34)

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Perfect condition other than a little dust. These are from the first collection so the size is small , fits more like a 34.  Most marks will come out easily with a soft dry brush. Any marks that remain after dry brushing will likely come out with a tiny bit of Sunlight dish liquid or gumption mixed with tepid water. Scrub gently with a toothbrush or cloth and then wipe over with damp cloth and allow to dry. 90-95% chance these will be perfect with a little TLC, the price reduction is a. to cover your time and b. in case a stubborn mark won’t completely go away. These heels do not come in the original box, they will be sent in dust covers only. NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ON SECONDS.

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